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McCartney's Genes

2009 Comedy/Romance Not Rated 83 Minutes

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Alex Hays, a thirty-something Austin, Texas rocker, spins into early mid-life crisis when he discovers a problem with his sperm. In spite of his ticking biological clock, his younger wife, Jules, has no interest in having children. So, when Alex finds out that his band manager, Claudia, is considering an anonymous sperm donor, he convinces her to choose him instead. Jules acquiesces, but a complicated situation soon careens out of control when an unplanned pregnancy, unrequited love, and a record deal fall into the mix. What follows is a chain reaction of comedic and sometimes heartbreaking events as Alex juggles his friendship, love life, and a very tentative music career with an imminent child. This delicately built house of cards eventually comes tumbling down, forcing Alex to grow up and compelling the others to rethink life's priorities. Based on a true story.

Not Rated.

Released by Celebrity Video Distribution. See more credits.